The Diner & Racehall - Better together

In September 2012, The Diner opened a 160 seat restaurant on the 1st floor at Racehall - the longest in-door go-kart race track in Europe. 1.000 meters to be excact!

From the very beginning it stood clear that The Diner and Racehall is a perfect match. The Diner is very proud to present the possibility to order great food, go for a high-speed race and then get back to well-prepared hot food and nice cold beverages. Awesome combination!

The Diner and Racehall offer some stunning discounts, often with very short notice. That's why you've, of course, got to stay tuned on our facebook pages.

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By 2014 Racehall expanded with new exciting acitivties like SkiArena and Voicehall. These activities makes it possible to have a full action-packed day with professional instructors and state-of-the-art facilities. Combine a whole day of activities with great food from The Diner during the entire day - breakfast, lunch, dinner - we got it all covered!