The Diner is based on a franchise concept where a limited investment will give you the opportunity to run your very own The Diner.

Self-employed, but not alone

As a franchisee, you can look forward to bearing the title of self-employed business owner, while at the same time being part of a network where there is always somebody you can ask if you have any doubts. Because in a chain, the success of one restaurant is dependant on the success of the others. If you help others - you also help yourself.

Advantages of being a franchisee of The Diner

There are both clear advantages and opportunities by becoming a franchisee of The Diner. You become part of a restaurant chain with a strong brand identity, while at the same time gaining access to an efficient purchasing organization with strong procurement contracts.

Furthermore, being part of The Diner, you gain access to:

-          Marketing campaigns

-          Knowledge sharing

-          Concept development

-          Continuous training

-          Product development

-          Consultancy (operation, financial management, HR, and communication)


If you’re interested or if you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to contact  Lars B. Nipper, Manager, The Diner.

Phone: +45 40 33 52 44


We’re looking forward to hearing from you.